Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The next Ralston Soccer Stud

John for the last three months has shown SOOO much interest in kicking things that Ive thought that he would be a wonderful soccer stud just like his dad. So while shopping today he picked out a soccer ball. First it was a red Manchester United one, but that one was 10$, so I picked out a ball more in his price range. Once we came home he took a nap, and then when he woke up we went outside to play some football. I must say soccer is not my sport so anything I teach john, mark will have to correct when he comes home. BUT I must say he is a natural. Check out his video and you can see what Im saying of how he is JUST LIKE HIS DADDY.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day!!!

Mothers day...
What a wonderful day to be a mother of two wonderful boys. They are my pride and joy. I cant wait until mark is able to meet his new son cody he is such a joy. In addition John is becoming such a big boy. He loves his mom, daddy, baby, and his nannie... We miss mark but he is in our thoughts and prayers.
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL MOTHERS. The lord has given such a blessing to your families by having you there mother. May you find joy and love in all that you do, and know that you are a true daughter of god.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We love our Friends The Dannenbergs.

We had so much fun on Saturday Evening with our Good Friends Lyndsey and Brenik Dannenberg. They brightened our day. We went for a walk, and the boys ate snacks while we pushed them along up the South Weber hills. We as Mommy's were able to talk and laugh at all the craziness that fills our lives because of our husbands careers. With being pregnant, moving, taking care of toddlers. It was so nice to be around another military wife/mommy like myself. Plus our boys John and Brenik are only a month apart.
Lyndsey and I met through our husbands while they did ROTC at Weber State. We were both pregnant at the same time and we took a Bradley birthing class together. We have been good friends since. She is an amazing mom, wife, and friend. Im so thankful for her example and her support.
Our boys had fun playing on this Saturday afternoon. They would chase each other up and down the street, and then run to the garage where my mom has a huge mirror and then run back outside. They also enjoyed hitting makita with the large noodles, and then playing sword fight with one another. It was so fun to watch them play. This was johns first time playing nice with a friend. As a mom there is nothing better than that. Cody even got the chance to soak in some Vitamin D. He has also been finding his thumb more and sucking it. Which to no surprise is just like his daddy when mark was his age.
Thank you Lyndsey for coming over and making our day better. We love you and your little family is always in our prayers.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cody is HUGE!!!!

My three week old son CODY is Now 12 pounds 10 ounces.. Yeah hes a big boy. Him and his brother went to the drs yesterday, and John is now 26 pounds. So my boys just keep growing and getting too big for there clothes. Its funny because My 3 week old is wearing 3-6month old clothing from gymboree, and is in 3 month old clothing by Carters. Ive already had to pack most of his clothes away that john wore for months.
It is amazing how time flys.. I cant believe cody will be a month Old in a few days. Im so happy that the time is going by fast. That just means the faster mark gets to meet his new son, and hold him in his arms.
Speaking of home comings. WeLcOmE HoMe AmDaNdA!!!! Marks sister returned to Lawton today from a 1 year deployment to Iraq. What a joyous moment it must have been for her and her daughter Audrea. We are so proud of Amanda for making such a huge sacrifice. But the sacrifice was not only on her part but the entire Ralston family. When you leave loved ones behind its them who have to sacrifice as well. Not only do spouces sacrifice, but the children whos daddys and mommies go away miss out on bedtime stories or playing at the park. Its times like those that family is so important. How blessed Amanda and Mark are so have such strong family ties to keep there family together and safe while they are gone. Soon it will be marks turn for R&R, and then his homecoming. I can wait for that day, beacuase I know it will come sooner than we all think. I know mark is looking forward to meeting cody and blessing him on his first sunday home. We thank our heavenly father for all he dose and means to our family. We are blessed, because our Family serves our Country and is loyal to the Lord and his son Jesus Christ.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Videos.

I hope this works.. Lets see if a video LoADs.

Easter Sunday.

What a wonderful day to celebrate Christ and his teachings. Trevor and mom went to church, and the boys all took naps, while I cooked the food. We were definitely filled with the spirit, and great food. We were able to have what family we do have here in Utah and The Cannell family together to enjoy a wonderful sunny Sunday outside on Grandma Kelly's back deck. We all ate till we were stuffed, and until it got a little chilly and we needed coats. We were all so stuffed no one wanted any dessert. Which was so sad.. I was very excited about my new coconut milk cake recipe. John played with Mason Cannell age 10, and they hunted for Easter eggs, and did they both did not eat dinner because of all of the great eggs they were finding. Go figure. John being the boy he is was trying to carry all of nannies very heavy rocks to different places in the yard. Yeah Mark thinks hes got mussels wait tell he sees his son. Who I might add, is already doing mush ups and showing the ladies his big mussels.
John loved his three Easter baskets, which were filled to the max of just toys. Because mommy is starting a no sweet and soda diet, so the Easter bunny knew she could not be tempted. Cody got some new baby toys, and was even happier because john was being entertained by his Easter baskets and not poking him in his mouth, ears, nose and eyes. I even got a call from mark, and was able to wish him a happy Easter. He misses john and his newest boy Cody, Marks day was long, and not much of a break, but he never complains. He just says he is tiered allot. I would be too. But all in all We Ralstons/brulees/cannells had a great day.

Cody is getting much bigger, and is squeezed into this Easter outfit, because I think all clothes should get there moneys worth. haha Even if he is now wearing 3 month old clothing at week 3.. So don't worry Cody your feet wont be affected this early in age.. I promise this is a one time thing. haha As you may notice Cody was wearing a different outfit while my mom was holding him in the picture above, well that outfit did not last long.. Its called a BLOW OUT!!! HAHA HAPPY EASTER. WE LOVE U ALL.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Cody is such a blessing. He was born on March 20th. Mark was able to SKYPE us and see his new little bundle of joy for the first time. We are so thankful for technology. Even tho mark was not with us in person, I still felt like we did the best we could have with our situation to help him feel apart of such a wonderful joyous time. We had many visitors in the hospital and had wonderful help from family and friends. Marks mom flew in with john and Cody's cousin Audrea, we enjoyed the time we were able to spend with them.
With mark gone it has been hard emotionally, because he is such an amazing dad. I miss him more and more since Cody has arrived. But I know our family has to be strong and support mark in his career and profession of protecting our country. To make mark feel closer to his family I try to post pictures of Cody and John as often as I can, but since Cody had to go back to the hospital for his apnea and reflux, I'm very slow to update pictures and blogs. I can barley keep up with emailing family back.
Cody is now home from the hospital and his health is getting better. He has a monitor and it sounds an alarm when he stops breathing or when his heart rate goes too low. His reflux has improved a little with the medicine they gave. I know his improvements is because of prayers and our faith in the Lord. The spirit is so strong with Cody, and as a mother I cant help but feel blessed because the lord has given me such a wonderful gift and blessing. We love our little family and we are so thankful for being a close family despite the distance that separates us from our daddy/husband.